God Is Faithful Until The End

Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.

Joshua 21:45

In a culture that says, “promises are meant to be broken” how do we keep the promises we utter? Or how do we keep our faith in the promises spoken over us?

A broken promise breaks trust. Whether its a simple assurance of “I’ll be there in 5 minutes” but even after 10 minutes no one shows up or an oath to come to your special event, breaking a promise doesn’t give you a good feeling. Most of us have been on both sides of it – either you broke a promise, yourself, or someone broke their promise to you. When it is repeated, we find it hard to believe it again.

While we all have failed in this area, in one way or another, some have struggled in believing it or even in believing God’s promises. But let’s learn from Israel’s story, who received and entered the Promise Land. The promise was first spoken to Abraham and was repeatedly spoken to Isaac, Jacob, and the nation of Israel. God is not a man that He would fail in His promises nor He would break one.

Let’s draw hope from this truth: God fulfills every single promise He said. So let’s keep believing and keep obeying. While broken promises break trust, fulfilled promises build trust.