Honoring The Man

Besides, she really is my sister, the daughter of my father though not of my mother; and she became my wife.

Genesis 20:12


We have different relationships with our fathers. Some are very close to each other, some are distant, while others didn’t have the chance to meet or be with their dads. That’s why Father’s day is observed differently.

We’ve learned at a young age, regardless of our religious background, that we are to honor our parents. But honoring them isn’t always easy, especially in those moments when they disciplined us, when they didn’t listen to us, or when they neglected us. On the other hand, we are thankful for the times when they supported us, provided for our needs, protected us, or taught us how to ride a bike, and for loving us the best that they could.

If you’re in good terms with your dad, never miss every moment that you can thank and show your love to him because when never know until when you could do that. If somehow, you’re not, maybe God is calling you to extend forgiveness, to extend God’s grace, and to extend love to him. And, if you’re not with your father, whether because they passed away or never met them ever since remember that you have a Father in heaven who loves you dearly and will never leave you.

While we can honor them in so many ways, I think it is important to say, “For everything that you did and all the things that you didn’t, I thank you!” Because in hindsight, the things that they did mold us to be who we are, even if those that they didn’t make us stronger. We may never have perfect fathers, but God wants us to honor them, as we would honor Him.