What Really Matters…

Where there is jealousy and selfishness, there is also disorder and every kind of evil.

James 3:16 GNT

It has been everyone’s desire to be blessed. We also believe that we are being blessed according to our faith. However, there were times that the amount of blessings are being compared to others which would initiate questions, discontent, and doubts. You start questioning, is my faith weaker or smaller than other people? Why do I only have this but others have more?

Entertaining jealousy and greed will cause self-pity and hatred to others. Let us learn to appreciate other people’s breakthrough and expect that God will do the same or even greater things for us…our breakthroughs are uniquely designed for us, it may never be the same with our neighbors. In that way we’ll have peace in our hearts. So let us focus on what’s really important…knowing our God more and more!

Having the privilege to know God on a deeper level is better than any breakthroughs! When we learn to dwell into His presence, we will know what is really important, what really matters. More than anything else, it is the relationship with our Lord that will give us pure joy, contentment and understand our divine purpose. I was able to witness this from others who fully trusted on God’s plan for them, those who did not question their circumstances but rather embraced it as the Lord allowed it to happen to them. Very ideal, but I know it is possible.