Covenant Season

The Covenant season will host all major events like church anniversary, conferences, fundraising and more. Consolidating these events in a season also makes room on the calendar for other Cornerstone programs and projects.

This year the season starts on August 25, 2019, and will end on October 26, 2019. 

These are the events that will happen during this season:

Sept. 20 – The Pillars
Sept. 28 – Mission Run
Oct. 22-24 – Momentum Conference
Oct. 26 – Covenant Celebration


During The Covenant Season, we will be seeking the will of the Lord for the church. It will also give members a chance to commit themselves to its mission and vision. From there, they can also decide on their level of engagement with the church.

As we make our personal covenant with the Lord, we are expecting a fresh move of the Spirit. We seek revival and a rekindling of our hearts preparing us for what is ahead. To journey with God and his people.