Momentum Ministry Conference

Momentum Ministry Conference
Starting October 22, 2019 to October 24, 2019


The Momentum Ministry Conference is focused on the practices and principles that have helped Cornerstone grow and develop throughout the years, now with 4 locations and close to 4,000 people being ministered to on a weekly basis. Our history may be a bit young but God has been amazing every step of the way. We want to take a closer look at those principles and practices and share them with the Christian community.

Every church can be more than what they are. This has been a driving force for Cornerstone and we always seek ways to grow in faith and become better in ministry. We believe that you can draw inspiration from our stories and experiences and become equipped to tackle your own ministry challenges. There is no secret formula apart from God himself who grants favor and blessing, but we must do our part and we have to do it well.

The conference is open to pastors, ministers, church workers, and volunteers. If you are not part of any ministry work in the church and is simply trying to figure out where you need to go from here, we believe that this conference will give you a good perspective to help you make that decision.

Strategic Ministry
Winning Our Next Generation Through Youth and Campus Ministry
Freshness in Ministry Routine
Breaking Through the Small Group Barrier
Starting an Outreach Ministry
Better Finances
Managing Worship Services and Events
Workshop: Stage Lighting and Sound Mixing
Workshop: Video Production
Workshop: Directing Events
Workshop: Enhancing Worship Through Visual Presentation
Life Compass
Art of Worship Workshop: Band Worship Essentials
Art of Worship Workshop: Ascent in Accent
Art of Worship Workshop: Vocal Techniques
Art of Worship Workshop: Fundamentals in Worship