Exists to reach out young people in their campuses and building up future leaders of this generation.

Young Adults

Exists to build up relationships among those who just finished a milestone in their lives and going towards creating a new one. It’s an avenue where they can begin their journey towards adult life through starting and building their career, business, or other God-given endeavor.


Exists to help couples grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other and build strong marriages based on a foundation of biblical principles geared towards building a Christ-centered home.


Exists to build up and reach out all men to develop their Godly character and be Biblically grounded as they lead their families to Christ. This ministry is to unite men in Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.


Exists to build up and reach out all women to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and to develop a ministry of women devoted to Christ through strengthening relationship with one another.


Exists to gather every senior adult, imparting their wisdom with one another in the infinite journey of faith, ever-growing in the grace and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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